Bosch Production Tools

EXACT Production Cordless Screwdrivers


The EXACT series of assembly tools from Bosch are cordless assembly tools built for the manufacturing industry. They are incredibly accurate, durable and energy-efficient. Fastener locations where cables or hoses would get in the way can now be assembled with ease – without compromise

Error-Proofing for Cordless Assembly Tools: Build it better with Bluetooth EXACT

The Bluetooth EXACT cordless system thinks for itself. The BT-EXACT tool takes its commands from the EXAConnecT controller, which stores the work in progress in real time. The system can talk to & take commands from external devices like a PLC, bar code scanner or host network. Improve your assembly process and never miss another screw.

The Newest Generation: The SEC- EXACT

Time and cost savings are guaranteed with the SEC-Motor from Bosch.

Lower maintenance costs and longer run times were the target for the new generation of SEC-EXACT from Bosch. This sensor-less and brushless patented motor technology has raised the standards again: less energy consumption, better accuracy & repeatability and higher torques with lighter, faster models. To top it all off, we even improved on our world-class accuracy. You expect nothing less from the world leader in cordless assembly tools.

EXACT Cordless – Big Features, Small Package

  • Bright LED lighting illuminates the work area when trigger is depressed halfway
  • Snap-in color rings provide quick torque range identification
  • One-handed forward/reverse control
  • Repeat protection: trigger must be released for 0.7 seconds between cycles
  • Lightweight, balanced design prevents fatigue and promotes comfort
  • Assembly grade class zero NI-Cad batteries provide longest run times
  • Torque adjustable only with special tool prevents unauthorized tampering
  • Highest accuracy thanks to the world-class Bosch shut-off clutch
  • Trouble-free service of common parts
  • Bosch SEC-Motor (SEC models only): Patented brushless, sensor-less Bosch technology
  • Optical and audible battery and shut-off clutch indicators
  • Wireless, cordless quality control when using Bluetooth EXACT models

C-EXACT – The Shut-off Electric Screwdriver System for Manufacturing

Robust, Efficient and User-friendly

Thanks to the use of our new SEC brushless motor, low-voltage power supply and key similar components from our air and EXACT cordless tool line, the C-EXACT is a very cost-effective tool filled with innovative technologies. The shut-off clutch is the same as in our air and EXACT tool line, making the tool incredibly accurate. Color rings can be used to mark different jobs or torque settings, just like the EXACT tools. But it is the motor that sets this tool apart from the rest of the world. Only Bosch offers this technology.

Precise and stable under load

Whether assembling computers, electronics, sub-assemblies or any ESD sensitive items, the new C-EXACT is the right tool for the job. Bosch put the new family of C-EXACT through rigorous testing and we required it to run for one million screws at full load without failure. Machine capability tests required it to maintain a Cmk > 1.67 at a tolerance of +/- 10% as per ISO 5393 testing procedures. That makes the C-EXACT among the most accurate tools in the world.

C-EXACT Electric Straight Screwdrivers

The C-EXACT corded electric screwdrivers are part of a new family of drivers from Bosch that set new standards of accuracy, durability and comfort. Key features include:

  • Patented Bosch brushless, sensor-less EC motor that has no position sensor to wear or fail
  • One-handed forward/reverse
  • Push-start or lever-start models available
  • All models are ESD compliant for use in sensitive electronics manufacturing
  • Low-voltage power of 36 volts conserves energy

Bosch Air Tools

Air tools for manufacturing, service & repair industries. Durable precision for long-term use.

Sensible Economy

Bosch air tools fit perfectly into most hands. They are lightweight, quiet and run smoothly. Our Polyamide housings effectively insulate against temperature extremes and provide maximum grip comfort.

Practical Conservation

Environmental conservation plays a key role in all Bosch tools: From development to energy-saving product to component recycling, our products are designed with the environment in mind. When a Bosch air tool reaches the end of its useable service life, it can be returned to a Bosch recycling center for dismantling and proper disposal.

Convincing Technology

Professionals choose Bosch air tool technology for several key reasons:

  • Air motors are ideal for tough environments since they do not create sparks and are great for damp and wet locations.
  • Compact size and great power make air tools ideal for continuous use while reducing user fatigue.
  • Service and repair procedures are simple and uncomplicated.
  • Over 40% of our production air tools use our CLEAN motors that require no lubrication, run quiet and reduce energy consumption by 30%.
  • The expanding exhaust air cools the air motor, increasing life and preventing motor burn-out.
  • Air is a very safe medium – there are no risks of shock or injury.

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