Flexovit Industrial Abrasives & Cutting Tools

Introducing the new Flexovit Industrial High Performance Abrasive Program, a complete collection of abrasive products; Coated Abrasives, Cutting-Off and Grinding Wheels, Bonded Abrasives, Super Abrasives, Diamond Blades and Accessories, for all industrial applications.

With unparalleled abrasive technology, Flexovit provides a wide range of products and solutions to meet every individual need and requirement whether for sanding, polishing, cutting, grinding, or sharpening, across general engineering, general manufacturing, metal fabrication, maintenance shops, repair shops, woodworking, construction, tool room, rail or foundry.

Based on core engineering and manufacturing expertise, Flexovit helps its customers to identify and implement cost-effective solutions for any industrial application. With a true leading position Flexovit contributes to improving results; by reducing the number of operations and machine cycle times, by increasing product quality, and by offering greater productivity ratios.


Coated & Non-Woven Abrasives

The Flexovit Industrial Coated & Flexbrite Non-Woven Abrasives range contains a selection of products suitable for both hand & machine use in an extremely wide variety of applications & markets.


Cutting-Off & Grinding Wheels

Throughout the world, Flexovit Cutting-Off & Grinding Wheels are used across a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, foundries, fabrication, ship-building & construction.


Diamond Blades

Flexovit offers a comprehensive range of Bonded Abrasive products designed to meet the changing needs of industry. A broad range of dimensions, shapes & specifications are available.


Bonded Abrasives

With an in depth knowledge of the construction & building industry Flexovit offers a comprehensive range of diamond blades designed to meet every requirement encountered in all Industrial & Construction Markets.



Flexovit provides technical solutions in the form of Super Abrasive wheels for sharpening applications, in addition to a range of dressing tools for dressing Bonded Abrasive Grinding Wheels.

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