sealey brake flared nut ratchet spanner

 Manufactured from hardened and tempered Chrome Vanadium steel with a fully polished satin finish.  Unique patented design enables a ratcheting action for quick and efficient work. • Ideal for use on brake lines, air conditioning, fuel lines and injection systems.  Works on rounded, worn and rusted nuts.  Four flexi-end spanners cover eight sizes.  Supplied in pouch

Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Paint & Coatings Removal

Features and benefits:

  • Due to the depressed centre, benefits include: longer life and agressive cutting power
  • Does not load or clog on soft metals
  • Efficiently cleans rust and strips paint perfect for re-painting / coating
  • Provides flawless surface prior to welding
  • Safe to use on steels, aluminium, cast iron, fibre glass and composites.


Gorilla Glue

The Gorilla Glue Company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been selling Gorilla Glue® for over a decade. The glue was first discovered being used in Indonesia on teak furniture, but consumers soon found it to be incredibly versatile and demand soared. On a mission to make products that deliver impressive results, the company has since expanded its offerings to include Gorilla Tape®, Gorilla® Super Glue, Gorilla® Wood Glue, Gorilla® Epoxy and Self-Standing Bags. At Gorilla, we believe in high-quality products and choose to only put the Gorilla logo on products that meet rigorous development standards.

In addition to great products, we are proud to be a great company! The Gorilla Glue Company is family-owned and operated and prides itself on its family atmosphere and fun-but-serious products. Our employees are our #1 asset, and our management is dedicated to providing a healthy work culture centered on family values. In fact, we’ve been selected as a Top Place To Work in Cincinnati for three years in a row!

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Bosch Invented For Life

You put your heart and soul into being a professional craftsman. Expectations are high: You face clients’ needs, tight deadlines and construction challenges. And we know that drives you to maintain your own high standards, deliver the best possible results and work with uncompromising efficiency. For that, you need your skills and robust tools. Bosch Professional offers you the best support with innovative technologies and smart solutions. Because, from planning and organisation to successful completion, we provide an intelligent range of products and services with the quality you can rely on. Give your skills the tools to get the job done. Your advantages at a glance. Work with the smart solutions from Bosch Professional. Versatile: What you need, when you need it and where you need it: With the wide range of products from Bosch Professional, you can choose the right tool at the right time so you can tackle any job. Precise: Offering the best results means working in the most efficient way possible. Use our carefully designed products for getting the power, robustness and accuracy that your work demands. Cutting-edge: Rely on our vast technological expertise and deep understanding of a pro craftsman’s daily work. The tools you’ll need tomorrow are the ones we’re creating today. Bosch Professional. It’s in your hands.


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Triumph Motorcycles adopt Bosch Rexroth OGS

Triumph Case Study · Video: Triumph Motorcycles adopt Bosch Rexroth OGS. Features of OGS;. Complete controlled process with no fault forward; Customisable to fit your production process; Comprehensive operator guidance; Decrease the risk of rework and delays; Eliminates time consuming delays; Increase accuracy ..

bosch rexroth



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Norton Quantum3 Grinding wheels are made to bite


Norton launches the newest innovation in rough grinding technology




The International Hardware Fair, Cologne, Germany was the platform for the launch of Norton’s latest revolutionary grinding wheel: Norton Quantum3, on 6th March 2016.

It’s no secret that over the last few years many ceramic based grinding wheels have been introduced to the market, offering high material removal rates (MRR) but with relatively short life. At Norton, we understand grinding wheels are judged by their MRR, speed of cut, comfort and efficiency to reduce grinding time and now, new Norton Quantum3 takes the next step in optimizing production processes more than ever before with:

  • Even higher MRR
  • Even longer life
  • Even more comfortable to use

Thanks to Norton’s highly specialised knowledge, experience and dedication to producing the right mix of proprietary ceramic grain and tough new bond system, this evolution in abrasive science answers every grinding question.  The wheel ‘bites’ into the metal with ease, and with effortless steering and control glides through the workpiece for a more comfortable grinding experience than ever before.  In addition, thanks to longer product life, fewer wheels are needed in a process, reducing overall process cost and time lost by changing wheels.


Norton is THE leader of reference in technology and performance. We’re shifting perceptions on grinding technology.


Feel the BITE.

Bosch Rexroth Aluminium Profiles




Bosch Rexroth offers you decades of experience and unbeatable flexibility when designing your assembly line – with the world’s largest aluminum profile building system, which has been continuously developed over more than 30 years. The robust and corrosion-resistant Rexroth profiles allow you to realize components such as ergonomic work tables, flow racks, or protective fences within a short time and without having to spend great effort on planning.